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Interior design and styling for any space.

Create a sense of hygge in your space or event.

We are commited to reducing our environmental impact.

Interior Styling

Clients: Residential homes, Commercial Properties, Accommodation, Hospitality and other businesses. 

Bringing new life to your space by incorporating both your existing pieces with new pieces that we source to achieve your desired design outcome.

The process:

• Initial consultation to determine what you would like to achieve in your space, what currently works, what doesn’t work, and budgets and timelines determined.

We spend time in your space to ensure we have a thorough and considered understanding of the space, to provide you a list of recommendations.

With a very collaborative approach, we present mood boards and initial concepts, with an opportunity for feedback and discussion throughout the process.

Researching, sourcing and custom creation of pieces specific for your space.

Installation and styling of all furnishings, in time for handover.